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Thread: What Did You Do to Your 911 Today?

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    What Did You Do to Your 911 Today?

    I've seen these threads as stickys on other sites and always thought they were cool. They tend to be a place for you to show what little (or big) projects you've been working on or have recently completed. They also seem to get ideas going and help people find others who are working on similar projects to ask questions to. I've seen everything from "washed the car" to "finished my resto and took it for a drive" just to name a couple.

    Anyway here goes, I installed my App Biz door panels I picked up the other day while deciding how I'm going to tackle my engine trouble.


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    The OHio
    Ive been thinking about putting my new wheel on.Name:  Wood wheel1.jpg
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    Drove it.....or them.
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    GONE...MANY, many great ones....

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    Nord Stern Region of PCA....west coast side of Region
    - got inspired by reading Sepia's preservation posts on the S Registry
    - got out the map and started thinking about making the PLAN to attend Porsche Parade in Traverse City next year..... AM gonna go, if they gotta carry me on a stretcher and prop me in the corner of the room
    - had ordered a new keyfob alarm replacement for the Carrera last week, checked on current update from So.Cal. on the replacement and its ability to be re-programmed
    - went to my FB site and read about some of those who attended the BIG Weissach Dinner last night.
    (sad to say either the post failed to deliver my invite in time, or my email was placed in error in the spambox)
    - went to the garage and just admired the beauty of Porsches at rest, slumbering the winter away, safely hibernating from calcium chloride, rock chips, and people yakking on cell phones on winter ice. )-;
    - patted one on the flank and enjoyed the connection of a human hand on cool , shapely, metal
    Best Regards,
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    I stripped a 71T down to the shell. Well, I did some yesterday as well.
    72S, 72T now ST

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    Good thread idea-

    The little voice in my head kept saying- check the lights. I removed all the light housings on the 911S: Front, rear and headlights. Discovered water intrusions on all them :-( Found broken bulbs, lots of corrosion and some surface rust. I cleaned all the housings, bulb connectors, extracted a broken bulb, and made a list of bulbs to buy. Speaking of which, anyone have a bulb list and/or a good vendor. (OK and also "thinking" about LEDs)

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    Cruised down Jupiter and Juno Beach on the way to my favorite local cigar shop for some puffin' and football watchin' with friends.
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    Frank Kohnen
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    Took all the window tint off my windows. Never liked it. PO sold it to me that way 15 years ago. Hand held steamer and original windex with ammonia. That back window was a bitch. Looks great now.

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    I took out the batteries, topped each off, and then swapped them from side to side.

    I have a theory that my maintenance will $omehow extend the life of the$e OEM bugger$.

    Then of course drove the car. It was 70 today in Atlanta...
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    Put in new front pads.... bedded'm up in the hills........
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