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Thread: Lou Reed . . .

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    Lou Reed . . .

    . . . rest in peace . . .

    Standin' on a corner,
    suitcase in my hand.
    Jack's in his car, says to Jane, who's in her vest,
    Me, babe, I'm in a rock n' roll band.
    Ridin' in a Stutz Bearcat, Jim,
    those were different times.
    And the poets studied rows of verse,
    and all the ladies rolled their eyes
    Sweet Jane.....Sweet Jane.....Sweet Jane
    Now, Jack, he is a banker,
    and Jane, she is a clerk.
    And the both of them are saving up their money...
    then they come home from work.
    Sittin' by the fire...
    radio just played a little classical music for you kids,
    the march of the wooden soldiers
    and you can hear Jack say
    Sweet Jane.....Sweet Jane.....Sweet Jane....
    Some people like to go out dancing
    And other people, (like us) they gotta work
    And there's always some evil mothers
    they'll tell you life is full of dirt.
    And the women never really faint,
    and the villans always blink their eyes.
    And the children are the only ones who blush.
    'Cause life is just to die.
    But, anyone who has a heart
    wouldn't want to turn around and break it...
    and anyone who ever played the part..
    he wouldn't want to turn around and fake it...
    Sweet Jane....
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    With all due respect to Lou Reed, no one ever did Sweet Jane as well as Mott The Hopple, even Lou.

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    My all time favorite Lou Reed song.

    He made his own music for sure.

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    [QUOTE=beh911;683199]My all time favorite Lou Reed song.

    He made his own music for sure.

    +1 this is my favorite version of the same song live in Germany, enjoy:
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    A friend comes out of an apartment on Lexington and 81st and sees Lou Reed on the corner hailing a cab. He goes over to him, sticks out his hand and says, "Lou Reed!" Lou says "F@#$ you."
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    Well, he was a New Yorker.

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