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Thread: Le Mans 2023 results...

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    Le Mans 2023 results...

    Guess the German engineers are not as good as American muscle & luxury brands ??
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    Edited thread title for us that have DVR'd the race to watch later in the weekend ....
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    I happened to be watching at key moments where Estre was pushing the 963 (a much slower car compared to the leaders in hot conditions and quali) and "things happened" twice for him, really bad luck while taking some risk as well.

    It's definitely not the weekend Penske and the good Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG had in mind. Very action packed though. Amazed at all the offs during wet conditions, given all the in car warning systems, race wide comms, flags, lights, etc.
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    First of all I am a died in the wool Porsche Fan ..most times to a fault BUT I must call them out on this event or lack of ….
    To celebrate 75years of Porsche we have #75 car , after some impressive speed and positioning ….is the first car out ?
    Stalls or loses power to even restart and sits there ……RETIRED ? Ferrai #51 sat in the pits with about 20 minutes left in race
    And could not get a start …their chief engineer motioned how to sequence a restart to get it to fire ….it fired and off he goes with the Race…
    The other P cars did not fair much better …
    How does the best (?) engineering car company & drivers (hand picked ) fail to finish above Corvette & Cadillac ??
    9th place ?? Even Individual built cars beat them and managed to run for 24 hours
    Think 2nd in GTE , OK
    Someone (who would that be?) needs to look at this program and process
    Ferrari fires people who don’t win ..
    So disappointing….who gets fired ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Miller View Post
    Edited thread title for us that have DVR'd the race to watch later in the weekend ....
    That is SO 'old school' Chuck .. love it

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    watched the first and the last 3 hours...and it was fun to watch...i`m fine with ferrari winning the thing given there preformance in F1 i was quite surprised.
    the nascar thing i did not really get...

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    Watched it all through Eurosport channel; very cool app btw : without commercials, you may choose which onboard camera you wish to display on your screen etc.
    Porsche was very very disappointing, low performance compared to the others. 5 hypercars no results...Looks like they are more busy doing some electric cars and politically approved communications. Whatever, I sens this brand has completely transformed and a metamorphosis of the DNA happened. Not the company I dreamt about, anymore.

    I absolutely loved the first race laps, while watching all hypercars in the Hunaudieres straight, recalling 1970's pictures of the Le Mans Prototypes.

    the Nascar 56 was stunning : they did a clean race with some terrific good lap time. No issue, clean and smooth race. Kudos
    Ferraris were so fast, so nice, so good. They deserved to win.
    Cadillac : oh man, just awesome - for me that was the good surprise. Bourdais was unlucky, else the #3 car would have been 2nd I guess.
    Peugeot : disappointing as they have loads of race experiences and success in many disciplines. Cars are beautiful but this is not enough.
    Glickenhaus : this is so remarquable. No words necessary to express my admiration to them.

    The GTE is always stunning and sincere congrats to Corvette, they really deserved that victory.

    Now looking forward to 2024 edition, as there will be 10 hypercars brands, and only one GT category matching GT3 FIA rules. That is gonna be such "incroyable"
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    24 hour races are incredibly demanding and mixing classes makes them even more difficult. I thought it fitting that Ferrari win after 50 years away.
    I'm sure Porsche will be back stronger. will there soon be a Cadillac Andretti F1 car?

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    I think the AOC changing the 'equivalence' a few days before the race was really unfair and really helped Ferrari at the expense of Peugeot ... Porsche seemed to be unlucky on several counts; I have no doubt they'll come back stronger next year.
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