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Thread: 1968 911S Sporto Wiring Problem

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    1968 911S Sporto Wiring Problem

    I have a problem with the wiring of my Sporto to my 1968 911S (Yes 1968 911S - Australian Delivery) - Can anyone help me with the wiring - I have changed the gear box over - the new box is from a 69 model car same (casing no. diferent gear ratios). Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the early sporto? In particular the wiring to the front switch on the gear box. My problem is that the solenoid to the sporto only activates when the ignition is on and in gear (any gear) - it does not activate when i touch the gear stick in neutral. I'm not even sure if it works at all when the engine is running.

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    I have some old wiring diagrams..none of which I know how to read worth K**P...all greek to me. But, of the 3 really old ones I have, one is marked 1971 models, the other two have no year markings....except, only one mentions a "Fusebox III", and the number one fuse in that box is labled: "1. (sportomatic)" None of my other wiring diagrams mention sportomatic, so you think this could be it?

    There is a good print shop in this little town with a good color photocopy machine. What the heck, I've already mailed off a 1972 wiring chart to England, why not send off another elsewhere. Sure glad I bought those workshop manuals all those years ago. OH, the diagram mentioning the sportomatic is numbered "SL35". This mean anything to you? These old manuals cover the early 911 from '65 thru '72, so hope this is it.

    I would be glad to help. e mail me with your snail mail address, okay? Paul My wife's computer, her e mail address, but I'll get the mail.

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    Roland Kunz

    K = Kupplung ( Clutch )
    P = Parksperre.

    Not sur as the switches have a kyed socket connector and if you didn changed at the wires anything it should work.

    The fronstsiwtch on the nose is actuating the clutchunit and has to be synchronized with the lever. So first make the mechanical adjustment and it will work again. Right now it could be that the Lever Zero position is out of the trany zero position.
    However teh shifter switch shoul work if you touch the lever. Mabe not hooked up or failure ?

    Just ground the wire ( brown/white ) at he lever in N or P and it should work. If not the grond teh same color wire at the control unit. Maybe your control unit is not correct adjustet.


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