Hi folks. I'm sorry if this is a long 'setup' to my question, but
I'd rather provide too much information than too little.

I recently purchased a '67S sunroof coupe beautifully restored
to 'as original' condition. After being driven about 50-100
miles the first afternoon of it's arrival it wouldn't crank. A
quick recharge with my 10 amp manual charger got it going
again, but that night I noticed the red alternator light glowing
dimly all the time (something I hadn't seen earlier that sunny
day). The connector was found to be partially disconnected
from the voltage regulator (probably due to vibration during
the 1000 mile truck ride??) so I pushed it all the way 'in'.
Now the alternator light is only on when it "should" be.....i.e.
if the engine cranks, but doesn't start, etc.

However the alternator is still not changing the battery. My
old analog volt / ohmmeter shows the voltage across the
battery remains the same (about 12v) with the engine running
at or above idle as it is with the engine stopped. (It does show the normal drop in voltage when the starter is engaged during cranking.) Every week or so, I remove the battery for charging.....it charges at the max 10 amp charger rate for an hour or so before the rate slowly drops.

The alternator was rebuilt during restoration and has been
rechecked and found ok by the shop that did it. A new
voltage regulator was plugged in without any affect on the
battery voltage while running. During removal, I checked that
the alternator wiring was correct according to the L59 911S
wiring diagram in volume II of the factory manual. The fan
belt tension seemed ok to me. Continuity of the alternator
and regulator ground wires is good, and the continuity of the
two wires running between the alternator and regulator is

After studying the wiring diagram more, it appeared to me
that battery voltage should reach the alternator thru the red /
white striped wire. After removing the battery, I checked but
did not find any continuity between the red / white striped
wire alternator terminal and the positive battery terminal.
Investigating this further, I find that the smaller positive
(black) wiring coming off the starter soleniod terminates at
what appears to be a junction block mounted below the
ignition coil, but goes no further. This "junction block" is
shown in L59 between the #3 voltage regulator and the #8
Resistor, but is not labeled. The junction block has two
"sides" or posts, with two wires coming together on one and
just the single black wire from the starter solenoid on the
other. There is no electrical connection or continuity
between the 2 sides.

Looking at the SL 33 wiring diagram for 911E, 911S shows
what appears to be a similar connection at a #60 "terminal

This brings me to my questions:

1. Is the "junction block" as I call it really a junction
2. Should all three wires make electrical connection
3. If so, how is this accomplished as from the factory?
Is there a jumper wire or a strap between the 2 sides?

A definitive answer on this would be warmly appreciated....

Best Regards,
Bob S.