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Thread: Looking for original radio for 72 S targa

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    Looking for original radio for 72 S targa

    I have read in Dr. Johnson's Guide that Blaupunkt Frankfurt radios and Becker Grand Prix model were standard in this model year. Does anyone have a lead to one of these?



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    early radios

    Automobile Atlanta 'em.

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    Your in luck my locale PCA club newsletter has an ad for 72 911 am-fm radio stereo standard best offer his number is 270-534-1382 Harry Byrne he also has set of door pannels and pockets Paducah KY , have never talked too him and the ad just came out in our newsletter,Good luck Phil Z 911 S member

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    Radio for 72

    I have one out of my 72 that works well, but it has been in storage for quite a few years. You should get the Cardex for your car and make sure which radio you had if you are going for authenticity. Feel free to contact me directly and I will try to dig it up. Please note, my car only had one speaker from the factory and this was in the dash pad, so I never new if it was a stereo unit or not, but it was AM/FM with fully working push buttons. It was on my Cardex, but when I sold the car the guy didn't want it.

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    72 Radio

    If you reside in southern California, try the Pomona Swap Meet. Another alternative is to look on e-bay. I obtained a Becker on e-bay but have yet to have it installed and so must reserve comment as to the success of my experience. Be sure to check the buyers' comments before bidding.

    As for checking the cardex, that sounds like a good idea, but it is my recollection that in the early 70's many of the radios were dealer installed.

    Steve Gackle

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    James Alton

    Radio for 1972 911S

    One very good source for old Blaupunkt radios and repairs is:

    Wilford Wilkes, Sr.
    Vintage Radio Shop
    101 Swoope St. Box 103
    Brisbin, PA 16620

    He sold me a Blaupunkt Frankfurt for my '65 911. The Frankfurt for the '65 911 isn't the same frankfur you want.

    For Becker, you might try Walter Odemer at

    Your chances of finding an original speaker, or even one to fit the dash are not good. But, old speakers can be repaired. I know a shop in Los Angeles that replaced the cone on mine.

    Jim Alton

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    Re: Radio for 1972 911S

    You mention that the Frankfurt radio for a '72 was different to that for a '65. Can you tell me what the differences are there between the Frankfurt radios of different years? The reason I ask is that I've sourced a Frankfurt for my '67 and I want to know what it should look like.

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    James Alton

    Blaupunkt Frankfurt Radios through the Years

    Blaupunkt seemed to like the name Frankfurt, the redio changed a lot. I don't really know what the first one was like, or how far back that goes. They probably date to the late '50s.

    I have an AM/MW/FM (US band) Frankfurt in my '65 911. I found a serial number decoder on the 356 Registry website and learned that I actually have a '64 radio (close enough for me). There was also a Frankfurt with AM/MW/FM (European band).

    For a 1966 Porsche 911 you could order option number 9323 part number 901.645.101.02 “FRANKFURT-US, AM/FM and short wave” for $128.75. Note the change from MW to Short Wave. Of course, there was also a different version with the European FM band (from a Sep '65 printing of a Porsche options list).

    However, Dr. Johnson's book describes the radio choices a little differently. According to him, by '66 there was a Frankfurt-US which just had AM and FM. I think I may have one of these, too (I bought a radio from a late 912 for my VW Bus).

    To sum it up,

    by '64-'65 Blaupunkt Frankfurts were AM/MW/FM

    circa '66 MW became SW

    soon after came the AM/FM Blaupunkt Frankfurt-US

    By the way, my '64 Blaupunkt Frankfurt has AM performance far superior to the Pioneer radio in my '96 Land Rover Discovery.

    Jim Alton

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